SESOMA-LATVIA, Latvijas-Igaunijas kopuznemums firma SIA

Extensive and legally valid database containing all companies, associations and enterprises, as well as foreign representations that are registered in Latvia.

Basic data
Name Latvijas-Igaunijas kopuzņēmums firma SIA "SESOMA-LATVIA"
Legal form Limited responsibility company
Registration number, date 40003195305, 10.05.1994
Data from the VAT Register Doesn't have
Legal address
Register, Included in The Register State enterprise register 10.05.1994
Liquidated 31.08.2005
Fixed capital 2000.00 LVL
Activity code (NACE) Advertising (74.40, version 1.0) (Source: CSB)
SRS - NACE code published by the State Revenue Service.
CSB - information from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.
AR - information from the recent annual report available.
ZO.LV - information from the business catalog
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 14.11.2005
Contact information
Phone +371 67331426
Actual officers 0
Actual procuras 0
Actual shareholders 0
Year Accounting period Type Registered in State Enterprise register
2004 01.01.2004 - 31.12.2004 Annual report 29.04.2005
2003 01.01.2003 - 31.12.2003 Annual report 23.03.2004