Basic data
Legal form Limited liability company (SIA)
Registration number, date 42103022678, 06.12.1999
Register, Included in The Register Commercial register, 28.08.2003
SEPA identifier LV09ZZZ42103022678
Data from the VAT Register Doesn't haveCheck in EU VAT register
Legal address Legal address: Aizputes nov., Kazdangas pag., "Āžkalni", LV-3457 Previous addresses
Other registered in this address
Postal address "Āžkalni", Kazdangas pag., Aizputes nov., LV-3457
Reorganized 30.07.2020
Fixed capital Paid capital - 2 840.00 EUR (Registered in State Enterprise register 15.03.2016)
Registered capital - 2 840.00 EUR (Registered in State Enterprise register 15.03.2016)
Activity code (NACE)
  • Renting and operating of own or leased real estate (68.20, version 2.0) (Source: SRS, CSB)
History of changes in activities
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 30.07.2020
Financial indicators (last submitted year)
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Profit after taxes
Profitability (return on assets)
Number of employees
Annual reports (16)
Tax payments to state budget
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Year Total payments to state budget Personal income tax State mandatory social insurance contributions
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Actual data

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Comparative indices
Index Place
Registered capital * 86595 - 89152
 86595 - 89152

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