Basic data
Legal form Individual business (IK)
Registration number, date 44102033935, 28.05.2010
Register, Included in The Register Commercial register, 28.05.2010
SEPA identifier LV28ZZZ44102033935
Data from the VAT Register
VAT identification number Status Registered Excluded
LV44102033935 Is active 09.06.2012
Legal address Legal address: Cēsu nov., Mārsnēnu pag., "Mežvītoli", LV-4129 *** Previous addresses
Other registered in this address
Postal address "Mežvītoli", Mārsnēnu pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4129
Registration certificate number, date Nr. K059082. 28.05.2010
Activity code (NACE)
  • Other building completion and finishing (43.39, version 2.0) (Source: SRS, CSB, ZO.LV)
History of changes in activities
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 01.07.2021
Liquidation process Not registered
Actual entry in the insolvency register Not registered
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Actual pledge acts Not registered
Actual collaterals Not registered
Tax debts (as of date) 349.47 EUR as of 03.07.2024
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Financial indicators (last submitted year)
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Profit after taxes
Profitability (return on assets)
Number of employees
Tax payments to state budget
(thous. EUR)
Year Total payments to state budget Personal income tax State mandatory social insurance contributions
2023 Sign in
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Actual data

Actual data. Officials (1)
Time Post, Rights to represent
Natural person(s) (xxxxxx-xxxxx)
From 28.05.2010 Right of sole representation
Document country on the date of registration: Latvia
Actual data. List of procurations (0)
Individual merchant
TimeRegistered in State Enterprise register
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Actual data. List of beneficial owners (0)
Comparative indices
Index Place
Age of the company * 79798 - 79810
 79798 - 79810

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MAZAIS KASTANIS Legal address on the map
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