GARADNICI, Mezvidu pagasta zemnieku saimnieciba

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Basic data
Name Mezvidu pagasta zemnieku saimnieciba "GARADNICI"
Legal form Farm (ZEM)
Registration number, date 46801001812, 22.08.1992
SEPA identifier LV49ZZZ46801001812
Data from the VAT Register Doesn't have
Legal address
Postal address Griudinīši, Mežvidu pag., Kārsavas nov., LV-5725
Register, Included in The Register State enterprise register 22.08.1992
Area *
Goals of activities graudkopiba
Activity code (NACE) Mixed farming (01.50, version 2.0) (Source: SRS)
SRS - NACE code published by the State Revenue Service.
CSB - information from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.
AR - information from the recent annual report available.
ZO.LV - information from the business catalog
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 03.07.2009

*** - Record on the address actualized on the base of the law on "The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia" article 4.4 section 3.

Encumbrance(s) etc.
Liquidation process Not registered
Actual entry in the insolvency register Not registered
Current overdue payments Not registered
Actual pledge acts Not registered
Actual collaterals Not registered
SRS administered tax debts Find out current information about tax debts
Actual officers 1
Actual procuras 0
Actual shareholders 1
Index Place
Age of the company *
16507 - 16513

* - Actual data
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