Basic data
Legal form Individual business (IK)
Registration number, date 41502032961, 06.05.2011
Register, Included in The Register Commercial register, 06.05.2011
Data from the VAT Register Doesn't haveCheck in EU VAT register
Legal address Legal address: Aglonas nov., Aglonas pag., Aglona, Daugavpils iela 12, LV-5304 Other registered in this address
Postal address Daugavpils iela 12, Aglona, Aglonas pag., Aglonas nov., LV-5304
Liquidated 20.08.2013
Activity code (NACE)
  • Museums activities (91.02, version 2.0) (Source: CSB)
History of changes in activities
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 20.08.2013
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