Basic data
Legal form Limited liability company (SIA)
Registration number, date 44103039329, 07.03.2006
Register, Included in The Register Commercial register, 07.03.2006
Data from the VAT Register
VAT identification number Status Registered Excluded
LV44103039329 Isn't active 28.07.200620.12.2007
Legal address Legal address: Valmieras rajons, Valmiera, Georga Apiņa iela 10a, LV-4201 Previous addresses
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Postal address Georga Apiņa iela 10a, Valmiera, Valmieras rajons, LV-4201
Reorganized 20.12.2007
Fixed capital Paid capital - 2 845.74 EUR (Registered in State Enterprise register 07.03.2006)
Registered capital - 2 845.74 EUR (Registered in State Enterprise register 07.03.2006)
Activity code (NACE)
  • Dispensing chemist in specialised stores (47.73, version 2.0) (Source: CSB)
History of changes in activities
Data updated in the Register of Enterprises 20.12.2007
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Profitability (return on assets)
Number of employees
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Actual data

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Comparative indices
Index Place
Registered capital * 25549 - 80647
 25549 - 80647

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